If you’re in the Northern Colorado, Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, Estes Park, Berthoud, Wellington and even Cheyenne area. Our Company can help you with your Planted Freshwater Fish tank / Aquarium, Cleaning and Maintenance.


Planted Tank Aquariums Showcase the Careful Balance Between Fish and Plants

Planted Fish Tank / Aquarium, Cleaning and MaintenanceThese tanks are a great way to showcase a piece of nature in your home or office. A well maintained planted tank / aquarium showcases the careful balance in nature between fish and plants, creating a beautiful contained ecosystem. There are many different environments these tanks can replicate, from a sandy lightly planted lake bottom with driftwood, to a lush heavily planted Amazonian riverbed with river rocks. The fish for the planted freshwater fish tank / aquarium are very diverse, although there are some species that will find your tank a delicious salad. Our Planted Freshwater Fish tank / Aquarium, Cleaning and Maintenance company has experience in helping our customers find the right fish and plants to achieve their vision. We have planted tanks in locations all over Northern Colorado including Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor, Estes Park, and even as far north as Cheyenne!

Maintenance for Planted Tanks is Different

Cleaning and maintaining a planted tank is different than maintaining one without plants. Our Planted Freshwater Fish tank / Aquarium, Cleaning and Maintenance Company offer a free evaluation of your fish tank so we can tailor a maintenance schedule to fit your needs. On a planted tank, we typically clean the glass inside and out, clean or change filters, pumps, and other mechanical pieces, conduct thorough water tests, check the plants for any discoloration etc., prune plants as needed, add supplements or medications change the water, and provide any repairs that may be needed. This is just an overview and may be different depending on the fish tank or aquarium.

If you would like to know more about our Planted Freshwater Fish tank / Aquarium, Cleaning and Maintenance service, please email us, or call us.