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Happy Tanks Vegas Vacation


Well hello fellow fish enthusiasts, and welcome to the first installment of our official Happy Tanks blog! That’s right, Happy Tanks is diving right into the choppy seas of the digital age, and hoping not to drown in all the zeros and ones. With summer here, I decided to start off with a vacation blog–no,don’t run, I left my slide projector at home! Our tale today starts out last November when we found out we would need to head to Las Vegas for a business trip. “Yes!” thought I in my adorable naivete,”I have never been to Vegas, a whole week with no fish!” Well, I went about packing for this wonderful vision in my head of ritzy parties and glamorous night life, making sure to include heels and slinky dresses in the mix. My guy raised his eyebrows, “Um, are you sure you don’t want to pack some warmer clothes?” “No,No, It’s the desert, I’m sure it will be warm…” (That, my fishy friends, is what we in the blog biz call foreshadowing:cue dramatic music). Continue reading

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