Happy Tanks Vegas Vacation


Well hello fellow fish enthusiasts, and welcome to the first installment of our official Happy Tanks blog! That’s right, Happy Tanks is diving right into the choppy seas of the digital age, and hoping not to drown in all the zeros and ones. With summer here, I decided to start off with a vacation blog–no,don’t run, I left my slide projector at home! Our tale today starts out last November when we found out we would need to head to Las Vegas for a business trip. “Yes!” thought I in my adorable naivete,”I have never been to Vegas, a whole week with no fish!” Well, I went about packing for this wonderful vision in my head of ritzy parties and glamorous night life, making sure to include heels and slinky dresses in the mix. My guy raised his eyebrows, “Um, are you sure you don’t want to pack some warmer clothes?” “No,No, It’s the desert, I’m sure it will be warm…” (That, my fishy friends, is what we in the blog biz call foreshadowing:cue dramatic music). Needless to say, I was excited. Little did I know that when the sun sets in Las Vegas, so does the heat and I stumbled around with my legs garbed in the loveliest layer of goosebumps all week. I attempted to use the Force to get my shoes to release their vice grip on my feet after walking a hundred miles gawking at the buildings. I would not have traded it for anything. My favorite thing about Vegas? Gambling, you ask? Perhaps the food? Oh no intrepid reader, after going on and on about how I wouldn’t have to see fish for a whole week, ended up finding every awesome tank in Vegas. It truly is the city of luxury with huge tanks that must cost a small fortune to upkeep in every building. The Golden Nugget downtown has a shark tank in their swimming pool that has a water slide going right through it! Mandalay Bay had a gorgeous aquarium with several rooms of different themed tanks and a lovely display of jellyfish that I could look at forever. They also had my favorite display (which you can also find at the Denver Aquarium), a pool of stingrays that you can pet. They are so sleek and beautiful and friendly. My other favorite place was the display at Seigfried and Roy’s Secret Garden: They have a set of Dolphin pools where there were new baby dolphins. You can watch the feedings and trainings. The flips and antics of the large males were amazing! Water related, but not fish related, we also saw the titanic exhibit they had at the Luxor. It was haunting and disturbing to see all the artifacts that those poor souls had touched, and there was a huge piece of bulkhead from the ship that really hit home the immensity of the Titanic. All in all, my fish free vacation was really just a way for me to discover why I love the fish tank business, and what got me into fish in the first place. The idea that we can make a little piece of the ocean and keep it in our homes is intriguing and fascinating and tanks will always have their own personalities. This keeps the industry new and evolving all the time. I came back excited to be a part of it again and isn’t reinvigorating ourselves what vacations are all about?


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